Black Desert Online is a great MMORPG game, which is distinguished by an excellent graphic design and sound. In this guide, we'll help you to master the game so playing it will be pure pleasure.

Navigation and controls

Before starting the game, it is worth to learn the basic controls which will allow you to move around the map comfortably. You can control the hero using the standard "WASD" keys. You perform the attack with the left mouse button, while special attacks are carried out with the right mouse button. During the game few other keys will be useful: M for map, K for checking skills, G for checking the Guild or B for reading messages from the mailbox. Mastering basic movements takes less than a few minutes. We have no doubt which you can deal with it perfectly.

First steps - a new character

One of the most important things before starting the game is to create a new character. Black Desert Online has a very advanced character creation system, which allows you to choose from many options. Indeed, from the very beginning, you have to create the face of the main character by defining its shape and features. Different colors and types of hair, beards, eyes or lips are also available in the creation menu.

The situation is similar with the creation of the whole body silhouette. The range of outfits is huge, so everyone will undoubtedly find something for themselves. In this part of the game you have to decide for yourself what type of hero meets your expectations. Except of your  characters look you can also choose among several available classes: from warriors to powerful wizards. Everything really depends on you.The last step in the creation phase is to select the constellation of stars. This is important because thanks to this you will be able to communicate with other characters in the later stages of the game.

How to start playing Black Desert Online

Let's start the game

The first steps in the game may seem difficult. The key to success is to gain higher levels. That will allow you to get weapons faster and deal with opponents easier. Many players at the beginning do not pay attention to a large number of tasks, both the main and the side quests. However, undertaking various missions is important. You will receive the most important missions from the  Black Spirit. You should focus on them in the first place because you will get the opportunity to improve your weapons, equipment and skills.

At the beginning try to choose simple missions which will be in the reach of your skill level. It's good to choose side missions, they are usually simple and allow you to quickly get rewards and valuable experience points.

An important element of Black Desert Online is the combat system itself. Skills acquired at individual levels are very important during fights, but so are yor skills. You can choose from many combat combinations. Some of them cause a faster knockdown of an enemy. Some also allow you to increase the damage. For example, Back Attack provides a bonus of 1.5 damage during an attack from behind.

Remember which opponent is marked on the map with the appropriate color. This helps to check whether you will be able to deal with him. Gray means a much lower level than yours. It's best to face opponents with green and white indicators. Red, dark red and purple means that the heroes are very demanding and a clash with them may end with your defeat.

How does  the map work?

The world presented in Black Desert Online is huge, so a novice player may have problems understanding it. The area for beginners is called Serendia. There are a lot of tasks to do there. At the beginning, it's worth wandering the northern regions of the world. Those lands are less demanding and you can easily get equipment and raw materials even at a low level. It is also worth to visit the Heidel City, where merchants and auction houses are located. You can buy there good equipment and weapons..

There are also wild horses in the game. These animals are very important because they are the only and the best way of transportation. Catching and taming them is complicated, so do not worry if you do not succeed at the first time.

Minimum hardware requirements

The hardware requirements to play Black Desert Online allow many people to play this MMO game. The game requires Windows 7 or 8 in the 32-bit version. You should also have at least an Intel Core i3 processor with a minimum of 3GB of RAM. The NVIDIA GTS 250 or Radeon HD6770 graphics card will be suitable. For the installation you will need 40 GB of disc space and an internet connection.

Black Desert Online is a great game!

Black Desert Online is a great MMO game which offers great opportunities for every player. Thanks to this you can play very diverse characters and with various equipment. Taking the first steps in the game is never an easy task, but you surely will manage it in Black Desert Online.