Eve Online is a MMO game which takes place in space. Spectacular battles and huge development opportunities allow great fun for many hours. But how to find yourself in the big world at the beginning of the game? In this guide you will find all the necessary information.

First steps

At first, Eve Online may surprise you with a very extensive, open world which is placed in the cosmic space. First of all, you have to create your unique character, which will accompany you in the further game. At the beginning of the game you have to decide which of the available races you choose. In total there are 5 different factions to choose from. The player, however, can choose only four. It's really hard to say which one will be the best choice.

Caldari State - it is an oligarchic race consisting of giant corporations. Here the characters are focused on trading and raising money.

Amarr Empire - this is the largest faction and empire present in Eve Online. Here slavery drives economy.

Gallente Federation - a democratic society where slavery is practically non-existent. This faction primarily takes part in various liberation movements.

Minmatar Republic - a faction consisting of slaves freed from occupation. Although it is a very small society, their bravery and fierce are admirable.

In addition, the game contains fragments of every faction consisting of pirates for example. You can choose among the Serpentis, the Angel Cartel and many, many others.

The choice of factions is important, but not the most important. In the further part of the game you will have many opportunities to present your unique style. An important element is the character creation screen. Here you can choose a hero's portrait, this image will be visible later in the game. Everyone will surely find something suitable for themselves. Another, but one of the most important things is the choice of a military, economic or scientific school. This aspect is already important because it directly affects the skills of the character. The final step is to personalize your appearance. In the next part you will be able to make several changes.

Eve Online - a beginner's guide

We start the game

After passing the first stage of the game, you will still have to finish the tutorial. It is not long, and allows you to better enter the entire game. There you will find some interesting missions focused on showing the most important elements of the game.

In fact, at the moment you finish the tutorial you are on your own. The freedom of choice is overwhelming, which's why you can direct your own path. To make it easier to find yourself in game, do some role-playing tasks and join one of the schools.You will be able to reach new levels by training and gaining new skills. After some time you will be so experienced that you can easily handle everything.

The easiest missions are those given by agents. You can choose between PvE tasks and more demanding tasks which you can do together with your friends.

Exploring particular areas you will encounter various unusual phenomena. By examining them you have a unique chance to receive interesting prizes. Certainly they will be useful in subsequent parts. Once you have a certain amount of items, you can start trading. Sometimes you can earn good money.

The acquisition of raw materials using mining is important in Eve Online. It's a simple way to get very valuable minerals. At this time, it is very easy to come across other players, so you have to watch out for a possible attack.

Both fight and piracy are dynamic elements of this game. By attacking other players, you can get rich with money and other goods. You have to be careful though, because the potential opponent can be armed. The biggest problem for pirates are hunters who scour the map looking for them. The fight is varied and interesting, which is why you can work out your own unique style.

A game set in space without ships could not exist. There is a huge number of various flying vehicles to choose from.  From small ships to giant frigates. You do not need special skills to control them. The controls are also not too difficult, so mastering the flight takes only a few minutes.

Eve Online is a great game for everyone

Eve Online attracts players mainly due to the interesting storyline and the mass of different modes. Starting a game is not as difficult as it may seem. After creating a character, you will get training, which is very helpful. It's important to move around a lot and discover new locations. This makes it much easier to deal with opponents and allows the expansion of your space fleet. Each beginner player needs few or so hours to get into the game.