One of the most popular games known as Fortnite is a great way to earn money. There are few ways which will allow you to get both real and virtual money.

Find your fans

Fortnite streamings are eagerly watched on Twitch or Youtube. If you stand out above average skills, create your channel and get a community of fans. After some time you will be supported by them with donations. This is a very popular way which allows you to earn quite a bit. The only thing you need to have is a solid webcam, as well as high speed internet. Thanks to this, you will give your viewers great image quality without any jams. Optionally, you'll also need a microphone to communicate with new people watching the game.

Join the tournament

Fortnite doesn’t have an official tournament mode. However this doesn’t mean that you can’t fight with other players and also gain from it. Some websites organize unofficial matches where you can win some nice prizes. You can easily find places where you can get money for being the best player. Some platforms offer more than a dozen tournaments each day, which is why everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

Play and earn Soul Gems

You can get really interesting prizes playing Fortnite. What should you do? By registering completely free on Gamehag you will get a chance to get Soul Gems. Special points are awarded for joining the game, as well as for performing various missions. Thanks to this, you can combine business with pleasure.

How to make money by playing Fortnite

In the rewards section, you'll also find funders' packages, game coins, and various sets of weapons.

You don’t have to limit yourself getting Soul Gems only by playing Fortnite. There are many interesting games which you can download to your computer from Gamehag. All browser and mobile games are perfect for short breaks. Gems are also available to get for forum activity or writing reviews of specific games. If you're a Fortnite lover, then you can share it with others and get some extra money. This is a great and very easy way to make money on the game!

How to make money by playing Fortnite

Become a mentor to other players

You are so good at the game that you could school others? In this case, you can share your technique with other players. In the UK, professionals use different websites to offer their services. Thanks to them anybody can learn how to move on the map faster, shoot with precision and build obstacles. You can become one of the mentors as well!