Popular CS: GO is one of the best shooters for PCs. Unfortunately, for many people the price of the game is still too high. Fortunately, we know the ways to get a free version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is breaking records of popularity

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has enjoyed enormous popularity for years. Thanks to the small hardware requirements, a large player community and fantastic mechanics, the game provides fun at the highest level. Unfortunately, this game is not the cheapest. The Premium version costs quite a lot, which means not everyone can afford it.

Play and get the CS: GO key

In fact, getting a CS: GO key is not a difficult task. By registering completely free on the Gamehag website you will get access to various games available in the downloadable and browser versions. By joining the game you will start to receive Soul Gems. These are special points, which you can exchange for the CS: GO key. By playing the games you choose for only a few hours, you will get your dream shooter very quickly. Instantly available games are also great.

How to get the free version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

You can get the key for CS: GO even faster

Playing is not the only way to get Soul Gems. If you like CS: GO then write its review and start the discussion on the forum. You will also get Soul Gems for sharing information in the player community. Probably there is not a simpler and more pleasant way to get a free key. On the website there are also many special tasks to be performed. Usually, these are simple missions. Just one side mission and more Soul Gems will show up on your account.

Not only game keys

When you get game keys for CS: GO, then your adventure with other games does not have to end. You can also exchange the Soul Gems you collect for Counter Strike: Global Offensive boxes and skins. Thanks to these items, you will improve your game and also stand out next to other players. Obtained items can also be sold, which is a great way to get rich. The prizes include also top-ups for Steam as well as other platforms.

The basic version of CS: GO is available for free

The basic version of CS: GO and the Battle Royale mode have been made available for free. However, this does not mean that the whole game will be available completely free of charge. The new Prime Status formula offers additional items, weapon chests as well as souvenir sets. New players have to buy them anyway. With a free key earned for Soul Gems, you will not have to pay any costs. All full game version owners will be automatically transferred to the new Prime version. Fighting for the free version of Counter Strike now pays off even more!