On Steam you will find many games which you can play with your friends on one computer or by local network. We chose the most interesting games which will  provide great fun for many hours.


Screencheat is a very nice shooter which lets you play with friends on a split screen. To defeat enemies, you have to look at their screen every few moments. Thanks to this you will locate your friend and eliminate him from further play. Screencheat is a great fun. You will also find a number of interesting weapons available. Up to 4 players can play on tone PC. There are 10 very interesting and different arenas to choose from. The game has been divided into several variants. Your friends will be delighted!

The best party games you will find on Steam

TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension is a typical 2D game which captivates with its simplicity from the very first moment. In this game Archers using only bows have to defeat their opponents. The limited number of arrows is a big obstacle, so you have to aim very well and not waste any opportunity to kill your enemy. Fortunately, there is a way! You can retrieve additional arrows from the dead bodies of the heroes. The game allows to participate up to 4 players in a local online game. Mastering the controls takes literally a moment, so even inexperienced players will be able to enjoy it.


The party game available on Steam combines the elements of popular arcades and racing games. Superheroes in the game fight for who of them will be the first to appear at the crime scene. Maps are full of obstacles, so it is not always easy to win against your rivals. In total, there are 50 heroes to choose from, as well as many gadgets which make the race more interesting. Up to four players can participate in the game. The more people, the better the fun!

Portal 2

Portal 2 is not the newest game, but as a party game it works great. The storyline is about an artificial intelligence, which along with its companion, wants to escape from the laboratory. Getting out will not be a simple task. The game requires dexterity from players as well as tactical thinking skills. Each level is literally packed with riddles and dangerous obstacles. Sometimes, some elements can be very helpful in escaping. Portal 2 is especially suited for a cooperative game. Together with a friend, you will have a lot of fun!

Castle Crashers

Another game which can be counted among the group of classics. The game with a comic style graphic design tells the story of four knights. Their task is to recover a precious stolen figurine. There will be a lot of enemies on the way they will have to defeat. Castle Crashers is not a difficult game. Fun is all which matters. Four people can participate in the game.