Virtual money plays the key role in Fortnite. A little amount of cash allows you can buy various accessories making you stand out from other players.

The easiest and least demanding way for earning Fortnite’s money is to log in to the main menu every day. You can always count on some extra coin. It is also a good idea to perform daily and weekly challenges. There are various tasks available. After completing them, additional V-Bucks will go into your account.

Top 3 ways to earn money by playing online games

Online games are not only fun but also a way to earn money for many people. We present the three best ways which will make you rich by playing games. Check how to do it.

Best practices for earning V-Bucks

Join the tournament

In MMO or MMORPG games, smaller or larger tournaments are still organized. Many of the main prizes are money, as well as various accessories for gamers. If you feel confident in games such as CS: GO, League of Legends or World of Tanks, then you can challenge others and show them why you are the best. It's a very simple but effective way to earn money online.

Performing missions and earning points

The Gamehag website prepared an interesting proposition for people who want to earn money. By playing the games of your choice, you will receive Soul Gems for each  task performed. These are special points you can exchange for rewards. What rewards? First of all you can get gift cards you can use for shopping. In addition, you can get special vouchers available in both euros and dollars. If you need virtual coins for the Battle Royale mode, there many top-ups of this kind on Gamehag.

You are not limited to this one game only. On the homepage you will find browser games as well as exclusive titles to download. The website has even prepared a special application which allows collecting Soul Gems directly from the smartphone.

Best practices for earning V-Bucks

Registration on the site is completely free, so you do not pay any fees. It's a great way to earn money by playing online. Additionally, you can meet interesting people and share with them info on the forum. You can also find articles and tips about earning by playing specific games.

Trade objects

In games like CS : GO you can get boxes and skins. With a lot of different items in your collection, you can make real money thanks to them. All you have to do is to set an auction and wait for the potential buyer to appear. Earning is really easy, CS: GO skins and gift boxes can be obtained absolutely for free. How to do it? The Soul Gems earned by playing can be exchanged for items from various games at any time. Often, there are also random draws which allow you to get free interesting prizes.

There is a big list of various gifts you can get. It is a whole bunch of various gaming keys, gift cards or subscriptions. Many gamers are looking for an opportunity, so you can offer them something from their list at a lower price. You will certainly be able to earn money from it.